Transform your static catalog into a

Help your customers find the products they need

By transforming your existing print catalogs or PDFs, we create and deliver interactive, dynamic and user friendly digital catalogs and order books, providing a better user experience for your customers and helping you sell more. Digital catalogs not only increase reach and exposure of your content, but also shorten the sales cycle and simplify the path to purchase for your customers. 

  • Expand your reach and audience
  • Accurate, real-time product information
  • Add rich media and CTAs throughout
  • Actionable insights and analytics
  • We do the work for you

Product and SKU linking.

Using our software, we create and embed links from your catalog to products and SKUs so you don't have to. We have streamlined the process, which is designed to reduce the internal resource required, as well as ensuring accurate, up to date stock and product information.

Search and share.

You'll no longer need to trawl through tens of pages to find what you're looking for. Using our catalog search tool, customers will be able to search for specific sections, products or codes, and sales reps can link individual pages to their customers. You'll be able to provide great customer service and much easier navigation, for both your customers and your sales reps.

Learn and optimize.

Through our data visualization tool, you'll receive rich, actionable insights and analytics on your customers' behavior and how they engage with your content. You'll see what products your customers are interested in, helping to streamline your supply chain process and improve ROI.

Integrate with your existing software.

A fully shoppable digital catalog, embedded into your own site, and seamlessly integrated with your existing ecommerce, across all platforms and all devices.

Upgrade your ordering and quoting.

Shorten the path to purchase and improve the way your customers engage with your content and create purchase orders, and the way your sales team generate quotes. By allowing this to happen directly from your digital catalog, you'll create a smoother experience for both your customers and your internal processes.

Versions and subsets.

Digital catalogs can easily accomodate for multiple versions or subset catalogs that print doesn't always allow for. Whether it's multiple languages, different products for different areas, or breaking it up into components and verticals, Red Pepper allows you to adapt quickly and update as necessary.

Streamline your customer sales process.

Reach more businesses

Transforming your static catalog enables you to increase and expand your audience beyond a physical mailbox, as well as being available anywhere, anytime.

Personalized experience

Create a branded, interactive catalog experience with Red Pepper. Your catalog is hosted on your own site, for your own customers to see and interact with.

Sell more

With the addition of engaging content and CTAs throughout, you'll be able to sell, and allow your customers and sales team to create quotes or order forms, directly from your catalog.

We do the work

The best part? We do the work for you. Reduce the time and internal resource required to deploy a digital catalog and allocate spend and resource on what drives your business forward.

Why digital catalogs work for B2B.

  • Integrate with your ecommerce
  • Easily produce quotes
  • Add rich media
  • White label branding option
  • Interactive customer experience
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Multiple language options
  • Better user experience
  • Increased reach
  • Automatic product & SKU linking
  • Create order forms
  • Seamlessly integrates
  • Easy to update
  • Subset publishing

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