Shopper Engagement Platform Enabling Retail to :

Attract more customers
Learn more about them
Convert them to Shoppers

Grow new customers by over 180%

Meet Red Pepper

Loyalty is Dead
The modern shopper has the means to explore, research, compare and share every purchase decision. Loyalty is Dead.

Red Pepper assists retailers to respond to these changing dynamics, attracting shoppers, learning more about them and converting them
to shoppers.

Red Pepper helps retailers increase in store footfalls by reaching a larger audience, using data to engage with shoppers, and maximize conversions.

Digital Catalog

Red Pepper transforms the weekly circular and catalogs into interactive and measurable shoppable experience that can be integrated across all your platforms.

Red Pepper will inspire your shoppers and deliver more of them to your physical and digital stores.

Shopper Insights

Learn what makes your shoppers (and competitors customers) tick! Red Pepper’s data insight tools enable brands to understand what products their shoppers are engaging with at all stages in their shopping journey.

Local Area Marketing

Grow your sales by targeting relevant, localized offers to not only your existing shoppers but also those of your competition. Move from communicating with those who already to want to buy from you to reaching new or existing customer who want what you offer. Generate demand and greater instore and online visits with Red Pepper.

Increase Sales in Days!

Red Pepper solutions have been developed to be quickly implemented without any development requirements for your technology team. No burdensome implementation costs and delays.

Join some of the world’s leading brands and remain relevant with the modern shopper


What sets Red Pepper apart from other companies is their attention to detail and commitment to delivering exceptional results. They utilize the latest technology to create visually stunning shopping experiences that are easy to navigate and provide a seamless user experience.

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