Why your website isn’t attracting new customers

Why your website isn’t attracting new customers

You’re a busy digital marketer. You’ve spent the last few years designing your website and launching your e-commerce strategy, managing your social media platforms, and maybe even finding the budget to work with a creative agency. The problem is you’re not seeing the results. Website visits are flat, and if you’re being honest, so are your store visits. Even worse, the large brands are opening up new stores all over town and attracting your customers. What’s the deal?!

Your website is doing a great job of driving organic traffic from your existing customers.  Customers who know and love your brand will continue to visit out of habit and shop online and in-store. However, this doesn’t guarantee that you attract new customers. Your e-commerce platform is optimized for transactions and new customers need to be reached and engaged with before they begin their shopping journey. 

Studies prove that shoppers have become increasingly price sensitive, with nearly 75% taking advantage of digital coupons and digital circulars regularly to determine where they shop and what they buy, especially if a loyalty or cash-back program exists. According to McKinsey, loyalty members are nearly 60% more likely to choose your brand over your competitor’s, shop more frequently, and even spend more during each trip.

So, what can you be doing differently to drive better traffic to your website?

1. Launching effective digital ads is a strategic approach to regularly attract and engage with your shoppers to highlight your weekly deals and promotions.

By hyper-personalizing your ads, you can target specific shoppers based on their online behavior, age, and demographic. You can take things one step further with geo-location, by targeting your ads around your retail stores or your competitors’ new stores that popped up around town. If someone is near one of your retail stores, they’re much more likely to engage with your ad because it’s immediately relevant, allowing you to increase website traffic and reach both current and potential shoppers.

2. Leverage your digital circulars to create exciting content and actively promote your products and services in your ads.

Your merchandising team has spent a lot of time selecting the best product mix for your weekly flyer, and these assets are the best ones to leverage and transform into dynamic ads, targeted to shoppers who might not otherwise come across your promotions organically. 

This approach allows you to move away from a one-size-fits-all marketing approach, where the same deals, products, and messaging are used for everyone. Instead, by creating a dynamic experience that feels customized to each shopper, you continue weaving in your brand story and staying connected with both new and existing markets. 

3. Optimize for mobile users when selecting the correct digital channels to invest your ad dollars in. When your customers statistically spend over 3 hours a day on their devices, your ads need to meet them where they are.

According to OuterBox, during the last year alone, at least 56% of all online sales were made using a mobile device, a number that continues to surge year over year. That’s why it’s crucial to optimize your shoppers’ mobile experience. This includes fonts, layouts, formatting, and making sure your product links are responsive.

Now that your catalog is mobile-friendly, make sure it’s shoppable as well. Customers should be able to easily add products to their cart, make safe transactions, and finish their purchases right there, without bouncing to another website. Minimize the number of steps required to complete a purchase and offer multiple payment options for your shoppers.

4. Consistently track conversion and engagement on your website performance and digital campaigns to understand how this affects your conversion rates.

How many people viewed and clicked on your ads? What’s the demographic of those shoppers? Who didn’t go through with their purchase? Beyond understanding what makes your grocers tick, you also dive into what isn’t performing to make real-time adjustments and tweak your strategy on the fly.

If you’re interested in exploring new strategies to reach new and existing customers through engaging digital ads and drive shoppers to your website, e-commerce, and in-store, get in touch with us or request a demo.

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