Engage your customers with animations.

Engage your customers with animations.

When it comes to capturing and holding attention, motion is magic; our brains are hard-wired to pay attention to movement. Using GIF animations throughout your catalog is a simple yet effective method to keep your customers engaged, ultimately increasing conversion and driving traffic to your website.

We’ve seen engagement increase by 160% on animated pages, compared with static pages on a previous catalog!

Here’s 3 reasons why you should be using animations:

1. They’re engaging.

It’s only a matter of seconds until consumers lose interest. Animations are powerful additions to your catalog as they have the ability to catch and grab consumers’ attention, keeping your audience engaged for longer. Draw attention to your latest products, or make offers stand out with animations.


2. They spark inspiration. 

Take your catalog further than deals and promotions by using rich media such as animated GIFs. Create an immersive, interactive user experience and spark inspiration for your customers, while also enriching your content and messaging. Think a steaming kettle or a glistening pool!


3. They delight. 

Animations are a fun and simple way to bring your publication to life and put a smile on the face of your consumers. As well as serving as a delightful decorative addition, animations can be used to enhance the emotional response a browser has to your content and your brand.