Case Study: Large B2B supplier unleashes new revenue stream with Red Pepper.

Case Study: Large B2B supplier unleashes new revenue stream with Red Pepper.

The goal.

To transform their static PDF into a digitally optimized circular, to increase brand awareness, turn it into a new revenue stream, and generate insights and analytics on those consuming their content.

The results.

Since converting their static PDF to a Red Pepper digital circular, this retailer has seen drastic growth and improvement in the performance of their circular.

Not only are they are now generating greater brand exposure and able to access rich insights and analytics they wouldn’t otherwise receive on how their readers are consuming their content, but their digital circular has now become a successful and significant revenue stream. From generating $0 in attributed revenue at the time we commenced work, to generating $250,000 in year 1, and $350,000 in year 2. 

With a small investment made to transform their static PDF to a digital circular, the sales attributed to the digital catalog proved an ROI of 12.5X for year 2.

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in additional revenue at end of year 2
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return on investment

As well as providing an additional revenue stream, the transformation of their circular resulted in a number of positive effects on their business:

  • Shoppers received a better user experience
  • The circular is now shoppable, linked to their ecommerce, creating a shorter path to purchase
  • New insight into shopper demographics & regions of conversions
  • Ability to attribute the success of marketing activity and spend – ROI

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