Case Study: Global jeweller increases their audience in a COVID environment

Case Study: Global jeweller increases their audience in a COVID environment

The goal.

This global jewellery retailer wanted to implement a more digital friendly and measurable circular solution for their North American market, in order to meet the evolving needs of their customers and the digital landscape.

The challenge.

The COVID-19 pandemic and printing disruptions meant this jewellery retailer struggled to distribute their print publication to their audience. Hygiene concerns were also factored into the decision to reduce print circulars, as it wasn’t appropriate to have multiple people handling the same flyers in store.

The solution.

The digital edition enabled this retailer to reach their audience in an increasingly digital environment, as well as exposing them to a wider audience potential. While the added feature of including animations throughout the product circular made for a more interactive, engaging user experience. For in-store purchasing, retailer was limiting the number of people in stores at any given time, meaning the implementation of a digital catalog, of which they could link to QR codes, allowed shoppers to browse the latest sales and products on their device whilst in line to enter the store. They were able to know exactly what they wanted to look at when they went into the store, to make for an efficient visit and allow more shoppers through. 

Over a 6 month period, the results this retailer has seen speak for themselves:


product clicks

4, 061, 972

page views

4:24 minutes

average time spent on publication

6, 186

wishlists built