Case Study: B2B retailer transitions to digital catalogs

Case Study: B2B retailer transitions to digital catalogs

The goal.

This B2B company wanted to create a digital edition of their previously print only circular content. They wanted to give consumers the ability to view the content online, as well as generate higher revenue through the ecommerce channel. 

The challenge.

This business had a large print circular which was made up of thousands of pages, with no digital edition.

The results.

Converting their publication to a digital edition opened up exposure to a larger audience base, the ability to analyse shopper behaviour and prove ROI, as well as improving the user experience. A feature Red Pepper introduced was to split the large publication into chapters, eliminating the need for the shopper to navigate through hundreds of pages. While enabling the ecommerce function presented increased conversion opportunities, shortening the path to purchase. 




page views per session

3:43 minutes

time spent on publication

24, 506

product clicks