Self-service doesn’t make digital publishing easy. Red Pepper does.

How Red Pepper works

How Red Pepper works

Step 1 : Design

You’ve already got great catalogues and content, so let’s make the most of it. Send us your PDF file and we’ll transform it into a digitally optimised publication.

Let’s get digital
Step 2 : Let’s get digital

We clip the products and information, and create links to specific SKUs or URLs. Making it interactive for the customer and providing a seamless integration with your existing e-commerce.

Smarter data
Step 3 : Smarter data

We add tracking code to your catalogues and publications, so you can gain rich insights about how customers consume your content. Smarter data means better business decisions.

Step 4 : Publish

Go live! We’ll provide you with the code to embed your publication into your own site for customers to see, wherever they are, whenever they want to shop.

Are you realising the full potential of your publications?

Your print catalogues and publications allow you to express your brand, promote your offering, and push information out to market. But how much information do you get back?


Extend your brand reach

Red Pepper digitises your catalogues and publications, spicing up the online shopping experience for your customers, while giving you the rich data and insights that you’ve been missing.

Customers interact with your brand, on your platform. They browse, shop and share directly from your  catalogue. In their eyes, Red Pepper is invisible.  In the background, we manage the process from end to end, so you can stay focused on the rest of your business.


Understand your customers

Red Pepper helps you turn up the heat on your competition by broadening your publication distribution and delving into a new level of customer analytics. We’ll show you how customers consume your content, giving you the insights needed to make marketing decisions that increase sales.

With our reporting, you’ll understand which products increase engagement, which images drive conversion, and what content your customers are specifically interested in. No more hit and miss with each publication.


Drive sales. Get results.

Your catalogues. Your customer experience. Our expertise and insights helping you to drive business forward. What a tasty mix!


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